Who We Are ?

As the leader of the Customer Loyalty Program market, BIGGLOYALTY offers online, mobile and social media related loyalty programs
as well as traditional applications.
About Biggplus
Biggplus is offering Customer Loyalty Services Since 1999 which is the flagship company of the Group biggplus, according to global criteria Loyalty in Turkey is the only and largest company that provides services to 95 countries.

In addition to traditional applications, the Virtual Store offers online, mobile and social media loyalty programs to its customers.

We provide our services from the Logistics Center with a closed area of ​​10.000 m2 in the center of Simizli and Kartal Samandıra of 1,200 m2 in Kavacık.

Bigg + group has 150 people working as of 2017. Sanal Store Inc. Is managing at present more than 1500 Loyalty Project and the A to Z of services (Loyalty Software, Project Management, Product Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Shipping Management, Call Center Management, etc.) Is Turkey's leading company in the loyalty industry.

We run all of our Loyalty Programs through programs and applications that are all written in our group and complement each other.


Biggloyalty, part of BiggPlus Group is the leading company on Loyalty & Rewards in Turkey with 120 employees, a Logistics Center of 10.000 M2 situated in Istanbul and over 100 corporate clients that require and receive the utmost services. Loyalty & E-Rewards company in Turkey serving in more than 20 industries such as FMCG, Telecommunication, Food, Retail, Aviation, Insurance, Tobacco, Financial services, etc.


Our R&D department which is located in the second floor of our Kavacık Office follows IT world that comprises of database and web applications. The software and the applications that we coded offers competent solutions to the loyalty and e-business world. In that sense, Reward Portal, online shopping softwares and Content Portals such as Bigglook step forward. The mechanisms of sales and reward campaigns that will work on the Reward Portals prepared uniquely to each customer are built by Aristo. The processes such as the necessary calculations for earning and spending points, gift placement based on category, order tracking, reporting are included in the software.

Moreover, we offer very exclusive discounted brand products to employees with an operated application for the online shopping world that is called Exclusive to Corporations. All your employees can log in with a corporation code and password and benefit from the website that is prepared with logos and images specific to your corporation. Via this application which is especially utilized by Human Resources, the corporations can increase the commitment of their employees by offering very exclusively priced products. We bring customers and the target audience together with the social media applications we developed and it provides customer commitment.


With international partnership and global presence, BiggPlus serves to more than 95 countries worldwide.

Via our centers in Dubai and the Netherlands, we have started serving to 95 countries. We serve with two companies in loyalty and rewards field, Aristo - MENA and BiggPlus - MENA that offer dynamic solutions such as real time online reward portals, social media integrated participation loyalty, close group exclusive shopping malls to our customers in all Middle East.


We now serve to countries in the European region with the IT company and the administrative office of logistic processes that we have founded in Amsterdam.

We serve in loyalty and rewards field with Aristo- EU and BiggPlus-EU that offer dynamic solutions such as real time online reward portals, social media integrated participation loyalty, close group exclusive shopping malls to our European customers.