Short Term Loyalty Appliances

Upload Campaign Benefits

Collocation of product purchases

Executed for 90 days on average

Helps to reach periodical goals

Executed for Distributor Dealer Selling Points

Increases dealer’s product variation

Hinders competitor product’s entrance

Increases country-based or regional sales

Rewards with printed catalogs

  • Our sales boosts are usually favored by our customers in order to gain more space for their products on the dealer’s or sub dealer’s stocks and warehouse shelves.
  • It is an application to prevent the competitor product’s sales as the number of sales links increase.
  • For that reason, we suggest year based long term and short term boost applications.
  • They are executed as once in three months short term opportunity campaigns.
  • The execution is prepared for A and B class customers. As it can be executed as a loyalty campaign, the products are dispatched from your warehouses or logistics or it can be tracked from an online panel of the loyalty program that we will provide which transparently shows the dispatch and delivery information retrospectively.
  • Sales boost is an efficient operation for short time applications directed to warehouses and stocks. Shower them with gifts in exchange of dealer channel’s order amounts.

Directing the dealer’s point goals to high profit products

Reseller commitment increases sales

Dealer Acquisition

Differentiation From Ratios

Analyzing the necessities of the sector and the dealer in the right way

Shower them with gifts in exchange of dealer channel’s order amounts.

Creating dealer awareness