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With one of the most important functions of BiggClub Dealer Rewards, Campaign and Content Management Platform, campaign management module, you can start REAL TIME ONLINE campaigns and increase sales with the bases of Customer/ Product Group/ Product/ Point/ Time Interval.

Campaign management is a fundamental feature that gives you the chance to access all your campaigns and manage them on a single page.

With campaign management, you can arrange, manage and control your campaign offers in real time to the region of your choice.

  • Customer or dealer segmentation, build up a profile
  • It is one of the most attractive tools to increase sales and revenue
  • Campaigns that target a certain region increase
  • It measures the dealer tendencies
  • To create a pointing system support for the non-delivered products
  • It blocks the entries of competitor products to the market
  • It increases country-wide or regional sales

You can send the reports of your data base to your dealer or clients on location based information and deliver your campaigns and opportunities.