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Increase the Campaign and Sales Competency of the Dealers

The Managerial Benefits of Performance Loyalty of the Dealers

  • It is very important to plan programs to increase the loyalty of the dealers to the main firm in order to ensure the continuity of the dealer’s loyalty to the main firm and to prevent them from directing their experience to other firms.
  • These programs increase the loyalty of the dealers with extra points and bonuses for the time or the business volume.
  • Dealer management is to help dealers to identify the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their work efficiently and to help them to focus on the fulfillment of the right work in the right way.
  • It increases the dealer performance by encouraging the application of an active rewarding mechanism and motivation in the dealer’s content campaign management.
  • By overcoming the communication obstacles, efficiency and loyalty increase.

Increase In Dealers’ Efficiency

  • To detect the efficient or non-efficient reactions of the dealers to the campaigns.
  • To increase the communication between the dealer and the product contents and launches.
  • To provide open and transparent feedbacks regularly to the dealers defines the dealer’s route explicitly and encourages job satisfaction by contributing to the improved performance.
  • To give feedback about the dealers’ existing competencies and the necessities to improve.

Innovative Technology


The Most Developed Dealer Rewarding Campaign Content Management

It can easily be created according to your logo or corporate colors with the customizable graphic and theme elements.
By creating your own club, you can introduce yourself to the dealers with rewarding campaign content program.

To get reliable and safe results with a technology that supports corporate customers and dealer system.

Make Your Biggclub Application Work Anywhere


BiggClub provides the opportunity to create fast and easy campaigns to your dealers with the dealers rewarding and campaign content management wherever you are.



You can be 100% sure that your technological infrastructure is protected with Biggstars, where all kinds of security precautions are taken.

Secure Cloud Hosting Thanks to our ISO 27001 Certified infrastructure, all your information is cloud-safe and runs on a high data-storage infrastructure.

ISO 27001 covers all the requirements for a systematic approach to managing company and customer information, and widely accepted that best practices are identified is a global security standard.

Our certified, off-site infrastructure provides a fast and secure scalable, reliable platform.

Data Center Safety

It is housed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in an external data center equipped with video surveillance, biometric and pin locks, rigorous staff access controls, and detailed inbound log records.

Servers hosting separate applications and data servers and customer data are physically and logically separated from the servers of the Biggstars web application.

Protectıon Measures

SSL Security
SSL Security Connections All information circulating between your scanner and your personal files, It is protected from privacy with 256 bit SSL encryption

Firewalls Your application and your data are safely behind the industrial strength of the Firewalls.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
The likes support SAMA 1.1 / 2.0 based TOA

Vulnerability Scanner
Scans and external long-term penetration tests are regularly conducted.

Content Management

Increasıng Customer And Sale

Socialize the sales channels with interesting and goal-oriented contents that are suitable to the audience you are directing. It aims to form an interactive communication and present special offers to them. The surveys, videos, product education video contents are gathered under one roof by the corporate content management. The dealers become brand ambassadors.


Increasing the loyalty of the dealers

Increasing the loyalty of the dealers is one of the most important steps to the relationship and processes between company-dealer and dealer-customer. Because the motivation of the dealers is not only related to the relationship with the company but also their market share and the processes for the customers. That’s why the dealer’s structure that is formed for the market and the long term formation of dealer’s loyalty is as important as the dealer loyalty processes.

It is necessary to actively create product scale increase and satisfaction for the dealer in the loyalty program during the processes and relations between company-dealer.